Sunday, 20 September 2009

Things to do in Glasgow - when I'm not here!

I'm missing some good stuff while I'm away on honeymoon, but if you're in Glasgow, be sure to check out these events on my behalf.

First up is the Glasgow Craft Mafia social at Mono on Sunday 27 September. This is in place of our usual market, so that members, craft fans and potential new members can say hi, have a blether and maybe a cheeky drink or two. Craft materials and know-how will be on hand, so bring your own project, or start a new one on the day.

Over the entire time I'm away, I'm quite spectacularly managing to miss a good deal of hand-sewing going on at Glasgow's Women's Library. They'll be recreating banners in the style of those used to promote Suffragette activity 100 years ago. I love the iconography of the banners, the visual style, the hard work and sheer bloody-mindedness put into them, and of course I love the fact that I can vote. If you love all these things too, you can take part on 22nd & 29th Sept and 6th October from 1-3pm. It's being facilitated by the lovely Loraine, of SherbetHeadCreations, and culminates in a re-enactment of the march on 10 October - when I'll be jetlagged but hopefully able to catch up with all the excitement.

Here's a SherbetHead classic for you.. which also sounds remarkably like something the unreal Troy Dyer would say.

And finally, I've been trying to catch a band called Sonny Marvello in Glasgow for ages. I saw them defeat the band I was rooting for, Maslow, in a Battle of the Bands back in December 2007 in New York. Wouldn't you know that they're back in town... when I'll be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Not only are they playing a gig where I actually live, but I could have been holding a stall there too - because it's time for the Pin Up Nights circus! There's even a guest appearance from Naboo from the Might Boosh, he'll be DJing. Get yourselves to the Flying Duck on Friday 25th September. And let me know how it goes!
And if you want to catch the best of indie business and craft, the Made in the Shade Gals are back at the Lighthouse on Saturday 26 September for a shopping extravanganza - so don't enjoy yourselves too much at the circus!


Sherbet Head said...

I hope you have a lovely honeymoon :) x