Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A day in the life

Encouraged by Claire from Misofunky, via her blog, here's yesterday in minute detail. Skipping what happened in my day job. We don't have a blogging policy and I don't want to be the one who makes that happen. Not that anything bad, or indeed, of note, happened. I'm just not going there.

Enjoy the mundanity, now on with the show!

6.45 Phil's alarm goes off. I spring out of bed to run to the bathroom before he does. Then I doze back off under the covers with the Today programme while he gets ready for work.

7.15 I wake up from a stressful dream about none of my clothes fitting me, to find my lovely husband has run me a bath and made me a coffee. I'm not a morning person. He lets the cats into the bedroom and Clyde sits on my lap while I check my email and etsy shop on my iPod touch.

7.30 Husband leaves for Stirling, and he's in the car today. I tell him where I parked after coming back from the Handmade Haven yesterday and wince as the binmen scrape the flagstones in our back court. The cats aren't allowed out on bin day mornings (too many unlocked close doors and appealing hiding places) but Kipper is in his bed in the living room, and Clyde is happy enough curled up next to me.

7.45 I finish my coffee and hop in the bath. I have new shampoo, conditioner and face cleanser today. This makes me happy.

8.15 I'm out of the bath but not in my work clothes yet. The letter box flaps noisily and I can't decide if it's a knock or just the postman being heavy handed. I can't see anyone through the peephole so I stick my wet-hair head around the corner of the door. The postie finds it hilarious, but I'm waiting for my madebyhank bag to arrive, and my longarm stapler. I wouldn't want to miss either of them!

8.45 Hair dried, lunch packed and breakfast made, I kiss the cats and head out for the bus. I haven't renewed my bus pass due to weekend laziness, so I pay £1.35 to get into the centre of Glasgow, three miles away.

9.20 I arrive at work, log on to my pc and munch on my breakfast before heading to a meeting.

12.24 Time to catch up on a couple of blogs while I eat a bowl of Baxters Chicken Broth. It tastes good. I have a handful of cherries and blueberries while I discover that Cuteable is firewalled. Boo. I consider going to the bus station for a new bus pass but decide I'm not going outside until I have to, it's far too cold out there. I get back to work so I can leave before the bus station closes later.

12.46 Embark on a creative wallchart endeavour. I don't often get to use my cutting and sticking skills at work so I know I'm going to have a fun afternoon.

12.47 Remember that I have a meeting at 4pm, so I need to go for that bus pass. Cold or not, it's now or tomorrow and another wasted £1.35.

13.01 Oooh I'm glad I ventured out. Not only is the queue really short at the bus station, but I witness four policemen arresting a man on Argyle Street, then another man running out of a mountaineering store with four £200 jackets and two security guys chasing him down Buchanan Street. I also smell a lot of other people's chips, so I'm glad I had my soup first.

18.15 Finish work, the wallchart's looking good, but I'm starving hungry and have dry, tired eyes. A walk to the bus stop perks me up a bit, and I phone my friend Jen to wish her a happy birthday. Hope I can get home in time for Come Dine with Me on plus 1.

18.21 I do an imaginary wave to Marceline as I pass through her neighbourhood on the bus, and wonder if she's taking part in today's blogalong.

19.30 After dinner, tv and a quick call to the bank, today's craftiness can officially start. I do some admin to update my spreadsheet with the latest responses emailed in for my Answers on a Postcard zine series. I also print out some layouts to play with and finalise so I can meet my mailing deadline of Thursday.

20.45 Before Glee starts, I take a quick look at my etsy shop orders. The zine is turning into a success. I leave feedback for all the lovely buyers who have invested so far, and relist sold copies. I do a bit of a happy dance.

22.00 I watch the Cleveland Show after Glee, even though I've seen all of both episodes when I was on honeymoon. I'm knitting while I watch TV, so I still feel productive.

23.00 In bed with Radio 4 back on. One last roundup of the blogs I like, and a quick shuftie at my etsy shop. I've sold more zines.

23.10 I fall asleep with a smile on my face. And a certain lucky black cat on my toes.


Nancy said...

How nice of you to allow us to tag along with you! My life is quite boring comparatively! I'm off to check out your Etsy shop.

Girl_Industries said...

Thanks, Nancy. Lovely comments like yours make it all worthwhile. I even took notes of what I was doing while I was on the bus yesterday - like ninja blogging.

And if you want to join in my interview project, it's not too late - I mention HU on the back cover of every issue so it would be nice to have some team members on board!

Nancy said...

What do you need for me to do?