Friday, 26 February 2010

Stockists round up

Although I'm all about my zine project at the moment, I'm sure loyal readers might remember that I make a few other crafty bits and pieces besides. I have a range of stockists and try to ensure that my range of products is broad, yet organised enough, so that I can offer different outlets the opportunity to host different types of my work.

For example, I love to focus on supplies in my etsy shop, and the base theme for that issue is participating in and supporting others to take up the process of upcycling, as well as all kinds of general craftiness. There are products for paper workers, knitters, seamstresses and the kind of people like me who enjoy a little bit of everything.

So you'll find supplies like plarn for eco-friendly knitters, and hand-punched paper hearts (a by-product from my envelope-making). You can find my envelopes ready to buy in a 4 x 4 inch (10 x 10cm) format, and available on request in a 5 x 5 inch format - this is the perfect size for CDs or DVDs. I've been known to use my envelopes for keeping my PC back-ups organised and dust-free at home, and I've completed several custom orders for wedding photographers to distribute copies of their finished products. They also keep my mix-tape CDs from getting too bashed up in my car. The 4 x 4 inch envelopes are perfect for keeping my crafting supplies organised when I'm sending out mixed orders to customers, and smaller envelopes from my range help keep business cards and thank you notes together in larger packages, too.

So far, I have a limited presence on, where I'll be focusing mainly on gift wrap and tags for special occasions. I also regularly destash supplies over on the dreaded eBay, where I'm known as Kippersmum.

If bricks and mortar is more your thing, you can find me at my local independent fashion emporium, Rachael Albert boutique at DeCourcey's arcade in Glasgow's trendy West End. I'm honoured to have my knitwear (gloves and baby jumpers) stocked alongside that of Flossy and Dossy. I find that knitwear does so much better when the customer can smoosh and stroke it, and I also make sure to carry a stash of fingerless gloves with me every time I take part in a craft market, too. No matter what the weather!

For a full range of dinky little treats, in pounds sterling, hop over to The Oriental Magpie. I'm in good company there, with goodies from Hungry Designs and Laura Baillie, too.

A limited range of stock (to be expanded later this year) can be found at new Scottish venture Vertiline in Love.

And just to come full circle, I have a new stockist for my zines. Over at Asking for Trouble, Marceline is expanding the range of zines in her shop with guest publications as well as two new self-penned zines, and the entire Answers on a Postcard series as it progresses.

Happy shopping, however you choose to do it!