Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Shop news

I'm working on streamlining the shop and taking it back to the products I love to make, and that customers seem to like buying, of course. My recent appearance on the Lemondropstudio blog gave me some excellent feedback on the products I should be concentrating on - so I'm going to be working on a new game plan over the next couple of months.

To get the ball rolling, a few of my shop items are coming up to expire shortly, and I've decided not to list them again. You can work out which ones they are by going to the little drop down menu underneath the three featured items in my shop. Select 'least recently listed' and it'll show you what these are. Or click right here.

I really like the feature in Etsy shops that allows the shopkeeper to show their products in the order they choose - I'm getting to show my Valentine-themed hearts off at the moment. I'm hearing that quite a few shops have run out of their cards for this year. If you haven't managed to get hold of one yet, and want to make your own, you can do amazing things with a bag of my heart confetti, a geometric shape or stencil, a blank card and a bit of imagination. And glue. A lovely message inside will be the main thing your sweetheart cares about, anyway.

Ahhhh, love!