Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Answers on a Postcard is here!

Hello everyone! I'm feeling far more chipper today because the latest issue of Answers on a Postcard is in my Etsy shop and ready for sale! This month's question received a huge range of responses, and the burning issue was: crafting and home life, do they always mix? To find out how those of us running a part time or full time crafty enterprise alongside all the demands of keeping your home reasonably ship shape, click through to the Girl Industries Etsy shop to pick up a copy!

We've even got some new contributors this month, in the shape of Frayed at the Edges, who I met for the first time at a notebook-making taster class recently - that's an example of Julie's lovely stiching above - and Laurafallulah, whose floral logo (see below) I first spied on the excellent Bugs and Fishes blog absolutely yonks ago, but still makes me smile every time I see it.

As ever, contributors to the zine can pick up their discounted copy here. You can pick up this month's edition, and any from the last few months that catch your eye, too. Just let me know in the notes to seller bit which ones you'd like - or if you're anything like me - convo me after you hit the big green button and go aaaargh with forgetfulness. Hurrah!

Thanks go to all my readers and contributors for their input and support - this wouldn't be half as much fun if I was just making them for myself! Although I'm kind of nosey like that, so I think I'd probably still do it anyway.