Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Good causes

While I'm keeping my feet up and finding patterns hard to follow, I've been working through my stash and my odds and ends of wool and putting it to good use.

I started off yesterday afternoon with a ziploc bag full of scraps of yarn, and came up with these stripey and patterned hats for the annual Innocent Drinks campaign to help out older people.

Then, while taking a break on Twitter, Cat from Wildcat Designs pointed me in the direction of people who were looking for squares for a range of community and charity projects. So now I'm busting my stash in earnest, and hopefully spreading a bit of knitting cheer out in the world. Maybe I'll even get involved in the International Fiber Collaborative's efforts to wrap a space rocket in yarn!

If you're a bit of a knitter, like me, you have a few hours left to enter the competition over at the Glasgow Craft Mafia blog. And if you were taking part in Knit in Public Day on Saturday - I hope you had a good one!