Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A new project

I've been starting to think about packing my bag for the hospital, and one thing on the list that I didn't have yet was a little blanket for the baby. My personal preference is for traditional cellular cotton blankets, the type you get in hospital, they are so warm and durable. But, I am a knitter, and I do have something of an abundance of yarn, so I decided to knit up a cot-sized blanket in the next few weeks while I'm resting up.

Here's my progress from day 1 - I was hoping to get through a ball of yarn a day, but I'm working in my favourite stitch, moss stitch, which takes more time than a stocking stitch would. It's a bit cheesy, but I'm looking forward to giving the baby something I made just for him or her as a very first present. And what says 'welcome' better than a lovely snuggly blanket - in a tasteful gender neutral colour, of course!

For those with an interest in that kind of thing, I'm working in Rowan Calmer, a shade called Delight, which I would describe as a lightweight springy yarn with a buttermilk kind of colour. I'll keep you updated as I go! Because, you know, that way I'll get it finished.


Corrabelle said...

What a beautiful colour! I've tried my hand at knitting, but I don't usually get too far, I usually end up with a scarf.hehe

Oh, and by the way, you won the giveaway! I announced it on my blog:)

You can email me your mailing addrss at themayberrysparrow(a)yahoo dot ca! :0

Konnie Kapow! said...

how strange, I'm knitting a very similar baby blanket right now for my friend's baby! It's the same colour but I'm doing a mix of moss and stocking stitch because I'm such a fidget I can't do the same stitch very long!

Well done on the giveaway btw!