Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Collective craft buying with Heartsy

I'm sure you can't use the internet these days without stumbling across collective buyer sites like Groupon, Itison, and the like. It's no different in the crafting sphere, with new site heartsy.me. However, there's a twist in the heartsy process, deals are juried by site users and of the 20 or so submissions received daily, only 4-6 make it in to the daily newsletter and deals.

I'd had a few referrals show up in Google Analytics from heartsy but it was only recently I did a bit more investigating, and of course, had to submit my own deal for consideration. If you want to vote for me and take part in other prospective deals (clicking on whether you like the sound of a deal or not does get pretty addictive!) you can sign up here. This is a referral link, so you should get $5 for signing up, redeemable against a future deal, as should I.

You do need to sign in to be able to vote on specific deals, as well as to see those deals running today, but if you'd like to do this without taking part in the referral programme, go straight to heartsy.me, or the link to voting for Girl Industries, which is here. You can also sign in via facebook, but personally I'm a little wary of linking anything 'monetised' to facebook. I like to keep my finances and my friends separate!

I'd be delighted if you could vote for me, my pitch is open for the rest of today. If I'm successful, I'll let you know all the about the deal as soon as I can. Hitting 'publish' on this post is breaking me out in a little bit of a cold sweat because the Englishness in me sees asking for votes rather than getting them on my own merit as not quite cricket. And I can't help but feel a little bit like hmmmmm for setting out my stall for Heartsy, while I don't know the outcome of whether I'll be featured. Or maybe I'm just jealous that I never thought to set up something similar first! However... Heartsy is a pretty nifty operation and I did get a great deal on supplies recently via a Heartsy deal so it's worth your while to take a look at what's on offer. It's definitely brought a good few shops to my attention that I may well shop with in future, too. And I do rather like having a website in my life that I can obsessively press F5 on for a few days until the novelty wears off (while I see how my votes stack up!)