Friday, 20 May 2011

Haunt lip lust giveaway

Hi everyone! To celebrate the summer opening of wonderful bath and body emporium, Haunt, I'm giving away two of the shop's wonderful products from my very own stash.

First up is Bettie, a lip lust in a delightfully exotic flavour, evocative of the glamour of days gone by. Secondly we have the fresh zingy flavour of Vanilla Pear, sweet and clean. Both soothe and moisturise your lips, giving them that little extra shine, too.

I'm going to give the pair away separately, so that's one tube for each of TWO LUCKY WINNERS. This is your chance to see what I've been going on about for the last couple of years, Haunt products rock!

But of course once you've perused Erin's shop, to see her description of the two flavours, I'd like you to tell me in the comments here which flavour you'd prefer to win, then hop over to my etsy shop and tell me which of my products you like the best. I'm having a big sort out in my craft room and want to streamline the things I sell, with your input.

Please tweet, blog and repost about this giveaway to your hearts' content and most of all, good luck, I hope you win! Closing date is 30 May at 12 midnight British Summer Time.

UPDATE: Giveaway will remain open until 31 May at midnight due to accidentally putting that date on my update post. I am an official idiot.


Swirlyarts said...

I'd love to enter :) I think I would prefer the pear one please if I win!

Anonymous said...

That's cruel! Making us choose... Ok I'm going to give you my three favourite items. In no order love your envelopes, zines & those long eyelashed cats.

PS please help me feed my lipsalve obsession ;-)

Rachel said...

Oooh the best Haunt lipgloss I'd have to say is Bettie.

Also, from your etsy shop, I really like the purple-y plummy embroidery thread, they are almost my favourite colours! I really like the heart bookmarks. As a Glasgow girl, I also love the tube ticket tags! Xx

starification said...
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starification said...

***reposting cause there was an error in my original comment***

I'm obsessed with Haunt's lip balms. I literally cannot live without them and always have about 3-4 open at one time. Always one in my purse, one on my desk, one on my nightstand...well you get the idea! I've had the luxury of trying both Bettie and Vanilla Pear. They are both amazing scents! If I had to choose though, I think I'd prefer Bettie :)

And from your shop: I really like the Lavender Cat Sachets. I've always loved the idea of lavender sachets and to be in the shape of my favorite animal...well that's just grand!

Thank you so much for hosting this competition. Haunt goodies are such a rarity and a wonderful prize to anyone. I stalk Erin's blog and always shop during each of her releases. Her stuff is amazing beyond all words.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to snag Bettie... I love all things cherry, and missed my chance to grab Bettie in the sale tonight!

And from your shop, oh my god---the lavender cat sachets are SO ADORABLE. I may just have to pick one up for my sister, who is a huge lavender fan as well as cat lover! (Also, I cracked up at "This is meant to look like a cat, but I've been told it looks more like a mouse. Whatever, it's adorable.")

Jen from xoxoJen said...

My very favorite item from your shop is the tiny upcycled envelopes! I think it'd be neat to add to your shop some little cards that fit inside and list them in separate groups from the envelopes so they could be mixed and matched! Creativity is endless with this, anything flat and cuttable could become an envelope! Like a CapriSun package, say. The gift tags are cute too. :)

I would like a chance at the Bettie lip balm please and thank you for a generous give away!

Nan said...

Oooh! Bettie sounds delicious. :D And I love love love the chickens in your etsy shop. I'm sorely tempted to buy one... but alas, I'm broke. :(

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome contest! :) I'd love the Bettie one, if I won (or the other, I'm not picky! :)), and I love your upcycled envelopes! So sweet!

Girl_Industries said...

Thanks everyone for taking part so far! I've also had an email from Paula, who told me Blogger was playing up when she tried to post, so I'm leaving this comment on her behalf.

Paula said: I really love your black upcycled envelopes, always great to see something different with a dash of glamour! I see your in the UK too, totally awesome. I haven't had the chance to try Haunt yet, I would be thrilled with either of the lush fragrances - thanks so much xxx

Elspeth said...

Ooooh I think it would have to be pear and vanilla for me. It just sounds... yummy!

And those crossstitched notecards? Bloody brillant.