Friday, 11 January 2013

In the background

I've been tagging my photo posts as crafting 365, but most of the time I've been showing something in my surroundings while I've been working, instead of the thing I've actually been working on. Today is no exception, unless you'd really like to see a dark, grainy shot of scissors, a guillotine and a pile of chopped up reclaimed cardstock.

Tonight I've been watching a documentary about the design and construction of the Empire State Building, and took this shot because I can see my old apartment building just across the river, to the immediate left of the ESB. It's the right hand one of a pair of 24 storey brown buildings, close to the waterfront. I am seriously contemplating a trip over in February as the prices are incredibly reasonable right now - I want to watch the Oscars live this year, which I haven't done since I lived in the US, and the price of flying over is comparable to having to buy a whole year of Sky TV! I may have to sweet talk my inlaws into letting me stay up all night at their place to watch it.