Tuesday, 15 January 2013

No go

Tonight my Aygo became a no-go, cutting out completely and managing to simultaneously block the exit to the train station and the entrance to the petrol station. At the height of rush hour. Then my phone battery died before I could call for help and to top it all, I spent another frustrating and not terribly creative evening trying to track delayed mail packages.

It seems that all the packages I shipped from 16 to 31 December have now arrived at their various international destinations, but if you're a recent customer awaiting a package from me, please do let me know so I can follow up on it. Delivery times are running an average of 4 days behind, so should be with you within three weeks of the date of your dispatch notification. Thanks for your patience.

I hear snow is on the way tonight, here's a 2011 photo of nearby Stirling Castle on a similarly frosty day.