Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lots of crafty goings-on

I haven't been updating the blog as regularly this week, because I've been really quite taken by Twitter. It's the kind of social networking, well technically micro-blogging, that I can cope with because everything's in 140 character bursts. And it's got celebrities. You can even join in by phone. You can sign up and follow me by clicking on any of the linkage over there ------------->

I've also been very busy crafting in anticipation of my hen weekend, which is this month! I'm so very excited. If you are reading this and you are one of my hens, look away now, you'll only spoil it for yourself...

First up, I made some cards with a guide on what to bring for our weekend away, and some instructions for where we are meeting up. I ordered some gorgeous rubber stamps from Corrabelle, of the Mayberry Sparrow. When I told Corra what I was making, even though she wasn't selling them already, she designed and sent me a suitcase stamp, isn't it adorable? I love her vintage style and the craftsmanship on the stamps themselves is wonderful. They even have a very special tin to live in, it used to contain ink cartridges but they have been demoted for my new favourite things!

For the rest of the week, I'll be sending these lists out with hand-drawn maps and links to relevant driving instructions for all the girls. After much fighting with my laptop and printer, I've managed to put resize, format and print hand-drawn or altered maps on the back of three of the cards, I think it took me about two and a half hours for each one, and I've run out of card, so that's that. I hope it's worth all the effort!

Once the pre-weekend stuff is sent, I have a whole 'nother to-do list to get started on. With upcycled t-shirts, fabric ink (thanks for the tip-off, Marceline), this felt and some pin backs from Muer, as well as some super-special-top-secret purchases from the amazing Magda of Craftpudding, I'll be making felt brooches for everyone in a dazzling array of colours.

They'll go into a gift bag (these guys make the best recycled bags and boxes ever), decorated to match the brooches and orange checklists, along with sweet treats, cosmetic samples, lip gloss and all kinds of crafty bits and bobs that came in the Little Silver Box from Aileen in Aberdeen. The company I work for in my ever-diminishing free time, AQA, recently had a book out, so they'll all be getting a copy of that too! I'm on p44 talking about David Niven - woo-hoo!

Once I've made them, I'll post some photos of the place-cards, door hangers, and menus (yes, that's what the spoon and fork stamps are for), and once I've finished sewing them, I can show you the hot pink legwarmers I've made for my bridesmaid Jenn. She's currently stranded in Nepal, so she won't be back in time, but she might need the legwarmers once she's back in Blighty if the weather carries on the way it has been! For a sneak peek, check out my chunky fingerless gloves in my etsy shop. Don't worry, she REALLY loves that colour!

So between this, the radio excitement, the tweeting, the guest-writing of the GCM blog, the sales in my little shop and moseying on down to country crafting!, it's been a busy old week!

I nearly didn't have time to mention this miniature upcycled banner, in the shop right now in time for Valentine's Day.