Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Procrastinators contest

Now hold on a second there, you need to head over to Toronto Craft Alert to take part. You need to do things to get entries, and it involves unfinished craft projects.

The prize is just spectacular, and you can go straight to the relevant page of the website by clicking here. You have until the middle of March to get your act together, so take a snoop around the rest of their site first. You also don't need to be in Toronto (or even Canada) to take part, so that helps, too.

Now what to pick, between my jumper that I didn't have enough wool to finish the roll neck three years ago, or the chocolate tin of unfinished animal parts... Or even the bag of partially started (not even partially finished) felt brooches I just bought over on Etsy (I know, I know, the ladies from Hoarders Unite will be on to me again!)

I'm going to finish here before this list of unfinished items goes into double figures. But go and take a look, and enter the contest, it sounds like a lot of fun.