Friday, 6 February 2009

Updating my blog

Hi everyone,

I've decided that this blog needs an overhaul. I've done away with the backgrounds and moved to plain white, and I've been updating my links to other blogs that I admire. Mixed in with the other blogs I love to read every day, you can see all the Glasgow Craft Mafia bloggers over to the right, there ------------------>

I'll be working towards achieving a whole new look and format for the blog in a couple of weeks, when I've taken a week off my day job to do some much needed 'admin' across all my web outlets. I'm looking forward to:

  • uploading ALL my recent photos to my flickr account
  • doing something... anything... to my myspace page ugh
  • working out the mystery of linking my facebook to etsy - I know it can be done!
  • looking at the amazingly helpful hints on managing a good blog using blogger, provided by designer Jessica Jones of How About Orange
Aside from all that, I also have plans to upload a tutorial right here, and prepare for a tutorial I'll be delivering in person, in Glasgow, which should be taking place in a couple of months' time.