Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tell me where to go

Is it March already? Yikes!

I'm looking for places to visit when I'm on honeymoon later this year. We're going to Vancouver and Seattle, and as well as any tips and hints on sightseeing, I'd also like to hear about any great local finds by way of shops and boutiques where we can buy nice little mementoes to remind ourselves of our first big adventure as a married couple.

First on my list has to be Red Ticking, which I just heard about through SFGirlByBay's blog about design. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know, and I'll revive this blog post every now and again for more updates.


Sinclair said...

Well, of course you will be at Pike's Market in Seattle, and right across the street is the Original Starbucks. The humble little spot that was just good coffee before the corporate model took hold. We enjoyed it, and took a photo of the Coffee Bean Pig above the door. Have a wonderful time!