Saturday, 2 May 2009

Don't be shy - enter my giveaway

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of good blogging karma, I have decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate my own recent giveaway win. And because I love fantastically interactive giveaways, there are some rules to follow in order to score extra points:

For 1 entry, you can tweet about my blog, this giveaway, or my shop in general
For an additional 1 entry, sign up to follow me on Twitter, I'm over there as girlindustries and you should be able to see a link to me in the top right corner of my blog. If you're already following me, that's cool, too.
For another 2 entries, sign up to follow my blog. That's a little bit lower down but still on the right hand side of my blog.
For 1 further entry, leave a comment on this blog letting me know where you're up to with these little tasks
and for a further 5 entries into the draw, leave a comment that gives me idiot's instructions on how to make my pictures come up bigger when I post them on this blog. You'd be seriously helping me out.

You've got all week to get busy, the giveaway will officially close at 10pm this coming Saturday, UK time.

The grand prize is a mini craft pack of the kind featured in my etsy shop, but with far more added extra goodies than usual and a little zine letting you know where on my travels I found all the bits and pieces, making it not all that mini after all. And I will ship it ANYWHERE in the world.


Anonymous said...

ooh, a giveaway! Yes please! I've retweeted it :) Hurrah!

Unknown said...

woo-hoo! a giveaway! :o) I'm already following you here+ leaving a comment, also following you on Twitter (artinav) and here is how I make my pictures bigger on blogger: (I have a Mac)

Nancy said...

I do read your blog but now I'm following you. Did you figure out the photos? I, too, have a blogspot blog and though the photo is smaller, if you click on it it will open up larger in a new window. Good luck with that!! I enjoy your blog.