Saturday, 13 March 2010

500 things in 50 days - a new challenge

For those of you who have been following the blog, and particularly my tweets, you'll know that my husband and I are planning to move house this year. A couple of months ago we found a property we like, and following some legal work and many visits and phone calls to the bank, we look 60% likely to be moving at the end of April!

If the sale falls through, we've decided to stay put and ride out the current financial climate at home. Either way, we need to think about seriously decluttering as running a business and a home at the same time can get out of hand in a one-bedroom flat. Particularly when one's strapline is 'making new stuff out of old stuff' - there's a lot of old and new stuff kicking around right now!

So I've decided to keep you up to date here, as it will keep me focused on the task at hand. My birthday is also coming up, and while I love to receive presents I think this year I would really love to get gift cards, particularly Amazon, the proposed demise of 6music is making me think I should get ready to start buying CDs and downloads again... Although if you absolutely want to buy me a present, I want one of these, please.

Yesterday I got started with the following little list:

1-7 items of clothing to the charity shop
8+9 unwanted candles and holders to friend for car boot sale
10 boxed Habitat bathroom fittings (as above)
11 boxed collectible mug (as above)
12 Donation of yarn to a non-profit organisation

13-15 Magazines in the recycling
16 + 17 Made by Hank purse and Origins product to my mum for Mother's Day

Needless to say, a huge eBay destash is on its way later this month, and Asking For Trouble-style I'll let you know how I do in my Etsy shop and also I'll be at the Glasgow Craft Mafia handmade haven later this month, too. Hopefully I'll be finishing off projects I'm halfway through and doing well for sales and not just throwing and giving things away :-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your destashing. I'm looking forward to seeing your process.