Sunday, 21 March 2010

500 things update

My goodness, this little challenge has been keeping me busy! One of the jobs I keep putting off is organising my collection of newspaper clippings. One of the traits I’ve definitely inherited from my dad is cutting and keeping, or clipping and sending articles from newspapers and magazines to friends and family. And they all do it for me, too. You’d think that tweeting links, as well as blogging, would satisfy this need to share good information in a more up to date way, but I like to keep it old-school, too. As long as my dad takes the time to send me interesting things to read, I’ll continue to think ‘how thoughtful’ and place them in my clippings box file (yes, I have such a thing).

So I’ve found a new way to combine technology with this hobby, and vowed to keep on top of it. I now scan all my must-save clippings, and I’m trying to be more discerning in what I feel that I need to keep.

For example, I was a huge fan of quilling as a teenager, as well as very interested in music. I love these feature covers from the Guardian and the Observer last year which combine these two loves to a tee.

So now I’ve been able to add my box of clippings to the recycling pile, and I can update my list from numbers 18 to 23.

I’ve decided to be a little more strict with myself and count the weekly newspaper clearout as one (22) and on the more lenient side, I’ve included at (20) the prevention of more things coming in…

For six years we’ve been receiving organic fruit and veg deliveries from the good people at Stair, and with great sadness we’ve cancelled our regular order in anticipation of our move. As I start to shop from our freezer and cupboards, I’ll spare you the details and count this as a single tick off my list instead. Sound like a deal?