Monday, 1 March 2010

A few fun things to do

I've just entered a fantastic draw to win some amazing artwork from final year graphic design students, as well as established artists, courtesy of - get your ticket over at for the next couple of weeks before the draw takes place.

I'd love to win one of the pieces by Gemma Correll, Rob Ryan or Sophie Evans, but really, all of the work on offer is brilliant.

I'm the world's worst at drawing, but I'm still tempted to help the ingenious founder of win his bet against his pal. He's nearly there, but still needs our help.

And speaking of giraffes, Claire of MisoFunky, whose logo features a giraffe named Hamish, has tagged me in a photo challenge. I have to go to the tenth photo in the first folder on my pictures section of the computer, and explain what I find there.

Well, my first folder is tagged AMNH, and the tenth photo is this guy. I hope he didn't stay fast asleep until the museum closed, because we all know what happens then...

The full story behind the picture is that it was taken on 2nd January 2008, during my last trip to New York. I was at the museum with my sister and her husband, taking a break from hanging out with my cousin and my dad. I was feeling over my mild new years hangover, obtained in style at the lovely home of Brooklyn-based jeweller Grayson Mae.

My good friend and super-host Colin was catching up on work after being sick for a while, which appears to happen whenever I visit over new year, so being at a loose end, me and the Buchanans decided to go and do something none of us had done before - I was more keen on eating sushi, buying high-end stationery, celeb-spotting and generally being a bit of a poser down in SoHo when I lived in NY - spending my weekends as far away as possible from where I spent my weekdays shuttling between offices on Madison and Central Park West.

I am trying not to think too hard about the fact that the elephant's rear end may be haunted. I think I'm in the dust corner on the mighty dust vs. orbs debate.

I'm supposed to tag five other people, and I'm spoiled for choice, so I tag YOU!


Nancy said...

What do I need to do, Katy? Go to the pictures folder? Also, I've mentioned your blog on my "Handmade Heaven" blog. And I'm going to do a giraffe, how fun!


Girl_Industries said...

Hi Nancy,

Post on your blog the tenth photo in your first folder of photos on your computer. Or if (like me) your first folder is actually scans of documents filed by date, skip to a folder that has decent actual photos in it ;-)

I think I have to do a giraffe, it's such a fun project!

Lovely to hear from you :-)

Nancy said...

Okay, Katy, I did it!! Can't wait to do my giraffe!

Beautifully Recreated said...

Thank you so much for my PIF gift. It arrived today which was just perfect timing- as today was my birthday!!!! Thanks Again