Monday, 14 November 2011

Can't wait to see my zines!

I somehow forgot that aaages ago, I sent some zines off to the Salford Zine Library. This blog post over at Postmodern Pain reminded me, and reminded me that I'll be able to go and visit them in person when I'm visiting my parents at Christmas as the exhibition runs until 29th January. It also caused me to kick myself because the exhibition started on 15th October, which means I could have called in two weeks ago when I was eating at the McDonalds JUST ALONG THE ROAD from the gallery 2 weeks ago, when we stopped off en route from Norfolk to Alloa on the way home from our holidays!

Photo via Postmodern Pain blog
Isn't it bizarre how a photo can instantly jolt you back in time?  The Art Gallery and Museum in Salford has loads of memories for me.  It's the first museum I ever visited, and spent a lot of time there as a pre-schooler.  The reconstructed street, a bit like the one from the Transport Museum in Glasgow (now the Riverside Museum), holds tons of memories, especially the tiny little old-fashioned curly-toed shoes (I'm making a mental note to remember to take photos, you won't believe what you're seeing).  I can't wait to show Amelia, although I do remember what a scary place it could be, the lights dimmed to preserve the exhibits, and the spookiness of the dummies and empty shop doorways. 


At one point, my parents nearly bought a home converted from part of the old fire station across the road.  It was so exciting because it was tall and thin and had THREE FLOORS, and we would have had a little bedroom to share at the very top of the house.  It's funny how things turn out, because that almost completely describes our house now!  Except the only thing it's converted from is a loft in an existing house, and it's my craft room up there in place of me and my sister, but there you are.

Photo via Trovit homes - my mum's old office is the window at the top right of the photo!

My mum worked just along the road from the gallery in the former Salford Royal Hospital (now converted into apartments, are you seeing a theme?), I was once in an episode of Coronation Street that was being filmed at the pub next between the hospital and the river, and I got my first ever job at the Sainsbury's just around the corner on Regent Road (opposite Salford Lads' Club), walking past the museum when I jumped off the train at Salford Crescent.

I know my zines are definitely there because I read this.  Can't wait to go and visit them!  A huge thanks as well to all the contributors to the series, it'd be nothing without you :)