Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmassy makes - from an unusual source

Before I spent so much time commuting, and tired, I wasn't a big magazine reader. Things have changed. I've always been fairly voracious as a reader.  I'm one of those people who doesn't get travel sick if I read, and if you've ever eaten breakfast with me, you'll know I can't resist reading the packet of cereal back to front. I also have an MA in comparative literature, so freebie supermarket magazines are somewhat outside of my usual reading material as a bit of a literary snob (although I've bought the National Enquirer every Friday since October 1999, and had a shameful six-month affair with my then-flatmate's Take a Break collection, so that does go a little bit against the grain of what I've just said...)

However... I really enjoyed looking at the craft projects in the latest freesheet from Tesco, and even had a facepalm moment when the solution to a problem I'd been mulling over for a good 12 months literally stared me in the face. I've been designing a range of mobiles and couldn't decide what to hang the hanging bits from... of course I didn't even consider using the inner part of an embroidery hoop, and I even have a few of them upstairs to choose from!

With the sheer mind-numbing meh that regular commuting and early mornings bring, my attention span is shot. Maybe it's time to revisit and expand my zine collection for something to read when my mind's not all there...

Recommendations for magazines (any subject matter) or zines to read are welcome - hopefully I'll find a whole load of new zines to search out and buy after my trip to the zine exhibition at the Salford Art Gallery and Museum on Friday!