Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New zine project - do you want to be involved?

I know, I know,  I still need to get to the printers with the elusive Issue 8 of Answers on a Postcard BUT great new ideas can't wait!

I’m starting a new writing project and I'm looking for contributors. After my experiences of 'meeting' amazing crafters with Answers on a Postcard, and the fun of producing a monthly black and white booklet so I thought I would quite like to do it again next year, but start looking for contributors now.

The new project is called ‘Three days in...’ and can refer to travels you’ve been on, or talking about your home town, or a place you’ve researched that you’ve always wanted to visit. Basically I’m looking for either an itinerary of things you can’t miss out on if you were going to visit a place for the first (and potentially only time), or a reflective piece on three days you’ve spent somewhere, like a diary entry or essay, or a collection of photos/drawings/illustrations or even scans of ticket stubs and so on from a specific place that when you link the images together, they tell a story and build up an image of the specific place.

Each entry or submission will be categorised into groups represented by a little icon - a suitcase (traveller), house (home town/living there) or an armchair (somewhere you’ve planned a visit to without actually going there yet). I can’t afford to pay anyone for their contributions as I’ll never make any money out of it – they’ll be on sale through my etsy shop to cover production and postage costs and anyone who contributes can have a free PDF version to print off at their leisure.   I'll also be submitting copies to a number of zine libraries I'm in contact with, to spread the word!  You get a byline photo and links to your blog/business next to your name as a promotional opportunity, and of course I'll be on about it all the time on my blog.

I don't have any fixed views on word count etc, especially if people want to add their own photos or scans of ticket stubs etc, but it should all fit into 2-8 sides of A5, ideally.

Have a think about it and get back to me if you fancy getting involved, and have a place in mind.   I'd need a firm commitment by the end of the year so I can keep in contact about your piece during 2012 - I'd like to get this project finished before the end of the world, at least :)  If this isn't for you, but you know someone who would like to contribute to the project, point them this way!

My email address is katy AT girlindustries.com and you can find my previous zine series, Answers on a Postcard, at www.pushpinzines.co.uk or on display in my home town of Salford as part of this exhibition.


jane said...

sounds interesting - I've been accepted for a residency in New York in May, so could do a piece either before I go, about the New York of my imagination, or during my stay/afterwards of the reality. What do you think?

Girl_Industries said...

That sounds great! I used to live in New York a long time ago, so it was one of the places I wanted to read and/or write about. I am dying to see the new Highline park, but the idea of navigating from my cousin's apartment in Queens into Manhattan with a pushchair scares me silly. It would be fun to read a 'what I thought' and 'what the reality turned out to be' piece - I think that Brits in particular have fixed ideas and impressions of America, and the reality is often very different.

I also spent a year being terrified of all the hipsters in the East Village and eventually it became one of my absolute favourite places to be.

Tell me more about your residency, too! While I was in NY, I interned in the business side of a French fashion house while studying business and American Culture with professors from NYU and Columbia, and loved (most of)it.