Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tutorial: a quick way to upcycle your Christmas Cards

So it's time to take down the Christmas cards, update my address book, upcycle what I can and recycle the rest.

I'm a bit of a clipboard fan (my day job involves a lot of clipboard-related activity, like risk assessment, quality assurance and report writing), and I've had this small acrylic version for ages.  I have a feeling it came from muji, but it could be from Paperchase.  In the past I've used it as a frame to hang pretty postcards and greeting cards in my bedroom and study, but for a little while now it's been hanging around in our living room with a hotel room notepad in its little grip.

The notepad ran out over Christmas, so I decided to replenish it with the blank insides of our Christmas cards. 

First of all, I measured up the free space on top of the clipboard.  10 x 14cm, if you're interested.   Then I got to work with my trusty guillotine and had a few zen moments of calm, straightforward, repetition.

I've hung up the finished article in our kitchen, and popped the unusable clippings/written on bits in the compost bin.  I couldn't decide which image to have on the back - as we'll probably use the notepad for shopping lists, this 'Eat Drink and Be Merry' print seemed apt.  But I also love the detail and hard work that's gone into this tapestry representation of the nativity scene, too. 

If you'd like to do something similar, but don't have a little clipboard like mine - consider hole-punching the top of the used cards and using bookbinder rings (like these, available in my shop) to keep all the pieces coralled.   The beauty of doing it this way is that you can use pieces of varying sizes, as long as the holes line up.

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?


Mags said...

I save any designs I like in the 'wrapping' box and then trim them the next year to become gift tags.

Not terribly inventive but a good design might yield five tags!