Sunday, 14 June 2009

Catching up

I've been so busy these past few weeks, I've barely had time to blog. Wedding preparations have slightly taken over my life, and I've been ticking things off my list regularly. Bridesmaids shrugs are all but finished (I think I've mentioned my love of knitting and my dislike of making things up), but then I took it upon myself to make one for me, and I think I'll be making another for a friend's birthday in a couple of days!

I've really enjoyed getting back into knitting and I have a huge amount of yarn to work through as I'd neglected it for so long. I've made up another list of projects, large and small, to help me destash. I'm going to be road testing some of these projects at upcoming markets in June and July, and online. During August and September I'm going to take a little break from markets, to make sure everything is in order for my big day.

My envelope-making skills continue to be in demand. I've had a lot of interest from photographers in my 5 x 5 inch envelopes, which are the perfect size for CDs/DVDs. Jewellery sellers also seem to be keen on my 4 x 4 inch envelopes, which are just perfect for necklaces and bracelets, and my little 3cm square envelopes which hold rings very snugly. In response to this demand, I've made up a special pack which you can look at in my shop. I'm totally open to customising the pack to suit your needs, all you have to do is ask.

The other thing I've been doing, which has turned into a bit of a time vampire, is playing with my new pedometer. It's part of this game for the DS, and I knew I'd love it as soon as I saw the advert on TV last week. I try to walk to and from work every day, or at least one way or the other. My current per day step record is 16,978, with a daily average of 12,000. My walk to work is about three miles long, through the industrial east of Glasgow. It's lovely on a sunny evening, and it gives a new perspective on local landmarks, like the football ground, or the local market when the traders have cleared away for the day...