Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wedding crafts

So I like to make envelopes and I love kraft paper. Nothing would stop me from making at least one element of my wedding stationery.

And here they are, along with part of our invitation, designed by the amazing Leslie Hamer, of Unlesssomeonelikeyou.etsy.com. She took minimal input from us and still managed to read our minds, and create exactly what we wanted.

We also love our postage stamps, which celebrate great British inventors from the period when our wedding venue would have celebrated its heyday, when industry in this country was at the height of its development, and success.

I've been industrious, too, on a set of shrugs for my bridesmaids. Here's one being modelled at the Buff Club on Saturday. I knitted this one up with the help of a pattern from ficklefiberdiva on etsy.com. I managed to put it together in one afternoon, just like the shop announcement says. You can see for yourself, it looks great on, too. I think my bridesmaids are going to be happy with this.

I've been working on an exciting zine project charting my progress towards achieving the perfect handmade wedding. It looks at little crafty bits and pieces that anyone could do, hints and tips for planning your day (I'm an events planner in my day job), a little bit of romance, and all the crafty businesses and suppliers who are working towards making my big day unique and so very 'us'.
So if you're planning your own wedding, love a romantic story, want to help one of your friends or relatives with their nuptials, or find some great ideas that could work for parties and events of all stripes, watch this space for more info on how we did it. It's shaping up to be a great little read!


Anonymous said...

yay! it's Laura! Your bridesmaids will all look fab!