Friday, 12 June 2009

Tomorrow is going to be a whole day of awesome!

Remember your school days? And the annual summer fete? Well, mine was never like the one at Glasgow's Steiner School, on Lumsden Street, in Yorkhill.

There will be a cafe with loads of vegetarian stuff and baking, live music, a BBQ, games, craft activities for kids (clay modeling, necklace making, pinwheels and willow fairy rings). There's also henna and face painting, a book sale and a miniature pony!

There will also be firemen and a fire engine. In fairness, we had that at our school, along with Welephant.

There is such a lot going on crafts-wise over the next three weekends in Glasgow, I think I'll need a separate blog post to sum it all up. While I have an exciting trip to the (sssh!) V-E-T-S on the slate for tomorrow, a little birdie tells me that Covetables, with her creatures, craft kits and cupcakes and Miso Funky, with her PG-13 selection of embroidery, will be at the Steiner School. The fun starts at 11.30 and finishes at 4, so I'll try to drop in once the cats are settled at home.


theothermousie said...

Mind little mice attend a Steiner School in Derbyshire - we have the most amazing fairs too!! Hope you have a great time