Monday, 29 June 2009

Out of season

Okay, so it's the middle of June, but bear with me! My mum's side of the family left us with a not-so-great legacy, Reynaud's Syndrome. You don't have to click on the link, the key thing is that we always, constantly, have cold feet. All the time.

We're big users of hot water bottles, and I promised my mum ages ago that I would make her a new cover for hers. I have the ideal variegated bluey purple acrylic yarn, super-washable, but I can't find a suitable knitting pattern. I'd like something with the opening on the horizontal, halfway down the bottle, made up on straight (not circular) needles and that costs less than $10 to buy - preferably free!

I've googled but don't like the look of any of the ones I found. Can anyone help?


Sinclair said...

I mentioned similar issue in my blog post here:
My mom has been diagnosed with Reynaud's and I'm guessing that I probably have the same, though I am loathe to be diagnosed with anything!

We take Rutin, Norwegian sea kelp, and use the mini trampoline to combat this issue. May not work for you or your mum, but it might be worth a look...

Erin said...

hey! my old roommate has Reynaud's. Weird - this is only the second time I've ever heard of it.