Friday, 14 August 2009

This week's recommended reading

I was having a terrible day yesterday, so I treated myself to a very rare treat indeed, the latest Rowan magazine (issue 46). I was waiting for my friend in the haberdashery department of John Lewis - bad place to loiter, I know - and flicking through when two things caught my eye.

This jumper (and scarf) are named after the city I grew up in:

And they've featured one of my favourite local places to visit:

The whole issue has an industrial theme, lots of lovely patterns, and some great historical articles. Of the three issues I've ever bought (these things are £11.50, you know) I actually only paid full price for this most recent one, eBay is a good place to seek them out.
Speaking of magazines, I've been lucky enough to be interviewed by Angelica at Handmade News - clicky here for reading!

Anyone want to be interviewed for my 'answers on a postcard' project? Leave a comment here, or email me to Katy [at] girlindustries dot com. Thanks, and happy weekend!


theothermousie said...

Great article at Handmade News - I always thought you were Scottish, but born in Manchester!The things you find out!!!

Sarah x